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Simple System Tweaker (Formally Simple Performance Boost) Windows is setup in a default configuration. By fine tuning your Windows configuration you can increase the speed and snappiness of the operating system. These tweaks are the ones that are safe and sh
Size: -
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Simple TCP proxy/datapipe (formerly Simple TCP Proxy/Pipe) A command line datapipe for TCP connections.
Size: 515 KB
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Simple t Simple t calculates independent and dependent t-tests from group data
Size: 1 MB
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Test calculate calculation calculate t-tests  
Simple! This e-book will be a great help when it comes to keeping your weight at an optimum level.
Size: 64 KB
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optimum routes health diet Weight Ideal Body Weight  
Keep it Simple A simplified Windows taskbar/shell.
Size: 2.77MB
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windows shell windows taskbar Windows 7 taskbar simplified  
Simple IE Easy to use browser
Size: 104 KB
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A Simple USB Lock Small tool to lock your USB ports.
Size: 453 KB
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locker Protection usb lock usb device protect USB usb lock  
Simple Desktop Lock Simple Desktop Lock - The perfect answer to physical security of your desktop
Size: 1.64MB
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desktop secure Lock sim desktop lock lock desktop  
Simple Image Manipulator Fast Image Editing Software for Professional Quality Graphics in Seconds
Size: 1000 KB
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editor manipulator picture editor digital photo  
Simple PHP WebCam A basic WebCam
Size: 12KB
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microsoft works task microsoft works word simple floor plan  
Simple Homescreen keep your Smartphone homescreen looking clean and simple
Size: 99KB
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simple norton microsoft word 2003 windows 2007  
Simple-DaAiRadio Listen to the DaAi radio with the help of this application.
Size: 175 KB
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play player listen play DaAi radio DaAi radio player  

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Invoice-Simple Invoice-Simple is a simple, java based application that will help you create simple invoices and print or store them as PDF in a nice layout.
Size: 24.7 MB
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Create Creator generate manage invoices  
FFConverter FFConverter is a simple program designed to be a neat and simple ffmpeg frontend. It offers simple audio and video manipulation facilities.
Size: 7.3 MB
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NaturalDocs frontend frontend mencoder frontend manipulate  
Simple Bars Simple Bars provides Rainmeter users with a simple skin that enables them to keep an eye on the disk space, the CPU and the RAM usage, as well as monitor the network traffic in real time. Additionally...
Size: 87 KB
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Donat Simple Clock Simple Clock is as its name says a simple clock widget that displays the time in the old way. I wanted to make a nice clean clock to match the style of my other Widgets, this is the fruit of my labor....
Size: 91 KB
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Yahoo Widget Widget Yahoo clock labor simple clock  
Simple database explorer Simple database explorer is a simple, very easy to use application developed to offer you a simple database explorer for: · Netezza · Oracle · Sqlite · MySQL · Postg...
Size: 7.9 MB
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explore access Access database explorer database explorer  
DC Simple Calendar Simple Calendar is freeware, and is not guaranteed to be supported, or bug free. The Simple Calendar application was designed to be a simple, small utility that shows the Current date.
Size: 337 KB
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calendar desktop calendar display date year day